Visiting MASS MoCA

G and D and kids came to spend the day w/us yesterday, and we hopped over to MASS MoCA where M is working to see the museum (the hit for the kids was the Miss Rockaway exhibit, very very cool), and then after-hours go went in to see what he's been working on.

Keeping tired kids away from the walls was a bit scary, one touch can ruin a spot as most of them aren't varnished yet.

An insane amount of detail work goes on, repetitive and crazily perfect things done by hand, slowly, over a period of months. The process seems as important as the piece, if not more so.

Some of the pencil line drawings (I didn't get any pics of those) had teams of 3 people just sharpening leads all day, while others drew straight lines, in various combinations, over and over again.

Michael worked on this one, with one other person, for a couple of months. Taping, painting many coats, untaping, taping, fixing, etc. No color touches itself.

This is his current project, and a scribble drawing, which is his favorite. He's managing a team of green interns, which adds to the joy of trying to get it right the first time. Fixing is painful, slow, and sometimes involves repainting and starting a section over. He's always coming home with graphite smears all over him. That's all drawn with scribbles of pencil.

More pics here, and more to come.