4th of July Weekend

At the last minute, we decided to head to PA to the cousins for the weekend. Having a car makes such things possible :). I was in a mood to sleep, and did a lot of it, as did the golden-haired one.

Ash was a delight, and is posed in front of a fraction of the bugs he and his dad have caught and mounted from what's flying around the farm.

M, posing of course.

One of the also-visiting cousins, looking fierce. Or something like that.

I ended up getting sick while there, the first cold/cough in many months. Just as I'm starting my serious marathon training, very funny. I think the stress of the last few months caught up with me and I just crashed. Holding off on running for a few days. I had just discovered that I was way ahead of the game in terms of training and distance, at least in the schedule that I plan to follow, so I don't feel too badly for getting a break. I think I've been pushing a bit too hard for too long anyhow. Just hoping it's not too many days or it will be a lot harder to get going!

We went to a carnival while there, that's next ...

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