the waiting is almost over ...

... for M to come home
... for my ankle to heal (3 miles this morning and it felt good!)
... for the economy to truly fall apart
... for me to launch my new discussion forum for my sane moms site.
... for the marathon to arrive
... for my new shoes to be broken in
... for me to pick what's next after the marathon (swimming this week, to rest the ankle, planted an idea ...)
... for us to have someone live with us again
... for me to be able to wear long sleeves all day and be comfortable
... for piles of leaves to jump in
... for the last popsicle of summer
... for the hunt for a new place to live to kick into gear.

The weekend sucked. I wasn't able to run Saturday, and found it horribly depressing (first non-running saturday in months). I was terrified my ankle was fractured, tired of constant questions and arguments from D, and tired of no help with the kids. Tired of cooking. Tired of my computer. Tired of fighting web design problems. Tired of everything. We managed to get out both days, but I was SO glad when Sunday night arrived. Monday I woke up feeling much more positive, got to the gym and swam a little over a half mile again, and started to feel hopeful. Solved most of the web issues, and feel like the end is in sight for many things. I have my hope back :).

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