Douglas finally lost his first tooth, and boy was he ever pleased :) It wasn't the result of falling off a bike or smashing his face on the sidewalk, contrary to what it looks like ... those scabs are from a 2-week long bout of some kind of skin infection, which earned him teasing and a few tears at school.

This one had to imitate, or course, and there was a lot of "hurts, hurts" heard for the next bit.

Nothing could compare to the tears this morning, coming from D. I'm so tired of the excuses for not getting dressed by himself, he's perfectly capable. I sent him to get dressed this morning, and told him to wear something longsleeved (and reminded him which drawer it was in, as he hasn't dug in there yet this year). I was finishing up after my shower, and said I'd come dress Fynn and then we'd leave for the farmer's market.

Almost 10 minutes later I went into his room, and he was playing on the bed, still in his PJ's. When I asked what he was doing, his reason for not being dressed was that he couldn't find anything he liked to wear! There were about 8 long sleeved things to choose from, several that he liked a lot last year. I'd had enough, and told him to just go get his coat on, and he'd have to go in his PJ's. You'd have thought I'd told him I was throwing away every single toy he owned! Oh my goodness. And the PJ's were red plaid and could be thought of as just pants, and he had a big red hoodie to cover up the top half. Haven't seen him that upset in I can't remember how long.

I wasn't going to back down, and he ended up having a great time and no one questioned him at all about them. Here's hoping it will make him think twice before doing it again! Perhaps too severe, but it's the end of a long road of dressing complaints.

M is due to walk thru the door in about 5 minutes, from his last 3 week stint in MA. Yay! They left one piece with a 'saggy' varnish coat, so someone might have to go back up in a couple weeks for a few days, but that doesn't really count.

and PS. prayers really appreciated for my ankle to totally heal, it's still not and I've had to skip another major workout today. the marathon is only 6 weeks away!

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