Yesterday was Douglas' first day of first grade, back at the same school as last year. He was excited to go, and so much more mature about it all than last year. He was a bit hesitant to have me leave, but no clinging, fussing, or anything like it. I spent the next hour, after leaving him with his class in the schoolyard, in the front office of the school waiting to reregister him as they'd not gotten the proper notice from the DOE and had him assigned to another school. Thankfully they still had all his info and didn't need to do more than recheck it, once they got to me. Fynn spent the entire time opening and closing the half-door to the area behind the desk.

Today was Fynn's first day of preschool, at the same Co-op that Douglas went to when he was 4. They have a "Ladybug" and "Caterpillar" class for the 2's and 3's, and I think he's about the youngest Ladybug in the bunch. He'd gotten to pick out his lunchbag at the store a couple weeks ago, and was terribly possessive of it and couldn't wait to go to "my stool". He was a bit shy at first but within a minute was off playing with the other kids, and put up no fuss whatsoever when I left him. He took his nap there sans "pillow", a first in the last year. I've learned by now that their behavior away from me is extremely different than when they're at home. He's proving to be no exception. When we went to pick him up (Douglas gets off half an hour before he does) he didn't want to leave! Go figure.

Hard to believe this picture was taken on D's last day at the Co-op, and I had already started labor with Fynn but got it stopped for most of the day so I could go to D's graduation. Fynn was born the next morning. Hard to believe it was only 2 years ago. It appears that D's hair and glee haven't change much, though his love for his brother has certainly increase. He's gotten very protective and helpful around Fynn, which is a delight to see. Brothers.

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