indian summer day

shadow boy

is it just me, or does this look a bit like an ad for Guess?

first gorgeous day in a week or more, sunny and warm.  threw fynn in the stroller, douglas took his bike, and we ran/biked to prospect park, meeting up with M whose work was cancelled 10 minutes after he got in.  i hadn’t intended to run and was in flip flops and non-running gear, but couldn’t help myself, it just felt so good to fly up the street alongside of d on his newish bike.   lay in the sun, watched the boys play in the mud and with the aerobie, and kept an eye on fynn’s toys that a nearby girl kept taking, running away with, and leaving out the middle of the huge meadow.  the park was packed. 

walked home slowly, browsing stoop sales, playin in the fountains at the library, and buying a cheap bag of felted wool and silk scraps from a lady down the street.  thinking of making more of fynn’s patchy lavendar pillows and hocking a few on etsy.  the felt would make great patches. 

m’s strumming his guitar and it’s the perfect end to a delicious day.  it’s been a long time since i’ve felt like that, and i’m glad.