photoblogging again

Spent the holiday weekend in PA, visiting friends and family. Amtrak got us there cheaply, and others ferried us around. Good to see all.

They boys were mostly rapt in their attention on Papa reading. Fynn was the exception and distractor.

Getting old fast.

Off to nap after housecleaning as my parents arrive this afternoon and I of course feel the need to tidy up. And clean sheets were not on the negotiable list, as I can't even tell you how long it's been. We don't do sheet changing around here, sorry.

Tired more because I ran another race this morning, a 5k this time but had to run 5k to get there, then another 5k home tho I walked about a mile of that. Working on salvaging a sore/twisted back that wasn't helped by starting/stopping my run several times.

Lots of stuff still going on in my head. Depression, worry, wondering what's next, needing sun, yadda yadda.

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