I'm still alive ...

I few pics to share, too tired to write.  I’m already wishing a bit to be home, but loving what I’m doing/seeing.  Feels like 2+ weeks already, only been 10 days.  Packing a LOT in as usual, so rare to have a car that I don’t want to miss things we can pack in. 

First stop, PA. 

Then camping in WV to scout land.  Gorgeous country. 

Then on to Rend Lake IL

I’m having a delightful time :).  There are oodles more pics that will make their eventual way to flickr. 

WV was intense for me in many ways, first stab at the reality of moving out of the city.  New roommates when we return.  So very on vacation that Bklyn fades, can’t remember many things.  Finding the right shade of nail polish for my cousins wedding and planning lunch dates is more pressing than writing on my other blog or remembering bills or details of life.  this is good.