today is the day

today is douglas’ last day of public school.  it’s bittersweet, exciting, and feels utterly inevitable.  i never dreamed i’d actually do this until about 6 weeks ago.  somehow when you make a big decision, the relief upon arriving at the ‘decided’ part of the equation is huge.  it’s not as big, however, as the feeling like i couldn’t have possibly made any other decision.  the rightness and conviction of it has been continually surprising me for the last 3 weeks. 

i know it’s right, but i can’t express why very articulately.  i’m getting blank stares from most parents that i talk to in person, a resounding silence in response to the email i sent to his class parents, and an amazingly supportive response from the teachers and administrators at his school. 

this is the image he drew for the card he wanted to give to his classmates today, with his name and contact info on it.  tractor beams and aliens and tanks, the currency of 7-year-old imaginations.  i think i’ll be more well-versed in that language in a few weeks, i’ll let you know how it goes.